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Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Over the years working as a makeup artist a lot of my clients often say to me, 'I really struggle getting a neat line when it comes to applying eyeliner?' 'how do you do winged eyeliner?' 'every time I try applying liquid eyeliner it ends up messy?'.... Here I can give you some useful tips which will definitely help you with this.

Firstly let me be honest.... It wont happen over night. Like all things practice makes perfect :). If you keep practicing you will get there!

To start off I recommend you invest in a good eyeliner. Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner is great, you will also need to get the eyeliner brush to go with a gel pot. Both Bobbi Brown and Mac do great eyeliner brushes. Another one I recommend is a pen style eyeliner because these are much easier to use than a brush on liquid. Both Lancome and Mac do fab ones, however if these are a little over your budget then I recommend the Loreal Super Liner as this is also really great and easy to use.

To apply the best way to start is to make tiny dots along your eyelid as close to your lash line as possible. Then join the dots up using your preferred liner trying to make a neat line as possible. This is how I taught myself from a young age and it really does help :). Keep practicing and it will get easier. To wing out your eyeliner I would start with a small flick. Again using the dotting method really helps and flicking upwards pointing in the direction to where your eyebrow ends. Try making the flick as neat as possible with gentle brush strokes, smaller strokes to start with will make this easier.

I hope these useful tips have helped :) and remember practice makes perfect!

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