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Healthy Kissable Lush Lips!

Its so important to look after your lips, quite often we suffer from dry chapped lips which can be caused by various factors such as a change in climate or stress. Here are my top tips to keeping your lips healthy and soft.

1. Moisturise

With things like central heating and air con, your lips can get very dehydrated. Keep your lips soft and hydrated by using lip balms, some of my favorite include Nivea, Burts Bees and Blistex. Another tip, if your lips are really try then rub a little coconut oil on them before you go to bed, this works wonders. One of my favorite lip oils is Clarins comfort lip oil.

2. Exfoliate

Sometimes your clips can get extremely dry and chapped, when applying lipstick and glosses this can even make them appear more dry. Its important to exfoliate your lips, this gets rid of dead skin and keeps them healthy. Some of my favorite lip exfoliaters are Clinique sweet pots sugar scrub (this also comes with a lip balm!), Barry M watermelon lip scrub (this smells amazing!). Exfoliating your lips is the best way to keep them smooth and soft.

3. Protect them

When your out in the sun, did you know your lips need protecting too? Lips protrude like our noses so they need protecting too. When you go out in the sun pop some sun cream on your lips, you can also buy specific sunscreen for lips, brands such as Clinique and Vichy do great ones.

4. Product choices

If you do suffer from dry lips regularly then it is best to choose moisturising lip products such as moisturising lipsticks and balms. Some of my favorite hydrating lip products with a splash of colour include Clarins natural lip perfecter and Clinique chubby sticks. Charlotte Tilbury also do a great range of moisturising lipsticks.

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